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Piracy Evolving

Nowadays it is commonly accepted that we live in a world where not clear periods of war or peace exist, so there are not defined interim periods of peace between them. Nevertheless, the whole modern world, with the menace of new asymmetric threats, seems to be in a state of constant disruption. This new kind of “asymmetrical” war is certain that it is not governed by the doctrines of war theorists, such as Mahan and Clausewitz, who spoke of tactics and strategies in the context of a constitutionalized war of earlier times.

Illegal Trafficking Of Immigrants And Refugees By Sea Routes

Every year thousands of immigrants or refugees leave their homelands and travel many miles by sea in an attempt to find better living and work conditions or seeking international protection against threats to their life. These desperate people very often risk their lives using overcrowded, old and decrepit vessels as they try to reach to their destination (in most of cases are the Southern European countries). Many of them do not manage to reach their final destination as accidents are common and many lives are lost at sea.

What after ISIS? Consequences for the West

The fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq is continuing resulting in big loses for the terrorist organization. It loses territory, strongholds and hundreds of its fighters. The fight for Mosul is over with ISIS forces suffering heavy casualties. At the same time the offensive against Raqqa, its capital city, continues. The loss of Raqqa to alliance forces will be a major blow to likely determine the future of the so called caliphate. The caliphate is being crushed but its collapse will have serious consequences for the West as its fighters will travel to western countries as well as unstable regions to continue jihad one way or another.

Maritime Terrorism History, typology and contemporary threats

Maritime Security is a quite complex goal to achieve, due to the variety of threats and challenges it entails. At the high end of the spectrum of these challenges we can find the ‘traditional’ interstate disputes, mainly focused on the threat or the actual use of force against sovereign entities. The aforementioned threat of use of force is mostly linked to the external aggression due to maritime disputes, threats to States’ sovereign rights or generalized armed conflicts, with the case of South China Sea being the most indicative contemporary example. The low end of the spectrum has to do more with law enforcement and transnational, cross-border maritime crimes and it involves mostly non-state rather than state actors.

Inside look

You need to stay vigilant in high-risk areas, we provide information on attacks around the world.

All captains and owners are encouraged to report all actual, attempted and suspected piracy and armed robbery incidents to the Piracy Reporting Centre. This first step in the response chain is vital to ensuring that adequate resources are allocated by authorities to tackle piracy.

This information is updated periodically. Please stay in touch to be informed.

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